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​​​​Cereal City Athletics

Weekly Group Runs:

​Run times and locations may be subject to change. Please check the Facebook page of each organization for the most up-to-date run group information.

Mondays @ 6:00 pm, Join a group run brought to you by Cereal City Athletics, paces and distance varies, step off from Minges Brook Elemetary

​Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm, Join the Battle Creek chapter of Moms Run This Town, paces and distance varies, no one runs alone, step off from the Battle Creek YMCA

​Sundays @ 3:00 om, Join Kalamazoo Area Runners in Battle Creek, paces and distance varies, step off from the Battle Creek YMCA

Biking Weekly Events

from Mountain Bike Trailhead at Fort Custer
Thursday - MMBA (Michigan Mountain Bike Association) 6:00 PM
all skill levels welcome

from and associated with Team Active in downtown BCcontact Team Active at (800) 841-9494 or see Team Active Facebook page for updates

Monday - "No-Drop" Ride 15-18 mph 6:00 PM

Tuesday - Time Trial Ride 5:30 PM

Wednesday - Fast Ride 18-21 mph 6:00 PM

Thursday - Women's Ride 6:00 PM

Thursday - Linear Path Cruiser Ride 6:00 PM

Regular Weekly Running & Biking Events