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Regular Weekly Running & Biking Events

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looking for races in Battle Creek?  Check out the list of regular weekly events held by local organizations.  Be a part of athletics in Battle Creek.  Once you are trained up, you can take a look at the Cereal City Athletics Race Master Calendar

Running Weekly Events from Cereal City Athletics

from Minges Brook Elementary School parking lot

Every Monday - 6:00 PM all paces welcome.  3-5 miles every week on a variety of routes.  Bring headlamps during the darker months.  See and become a fan of the Cereal City Athletics FaceBook page for weekly updates

Biking Weekly Events

from Mountain Bike Trailhead at Fort Custer
Thursday - MMBA (Michigan Mountain Bike Association) 6:00 PM
all skill levels welcome

from and associated with Team Active in downtown BCcontact Team Active at (800) 841-9494 or see Team Active Facebook page for updates

Monday - "No-Drop" Ride 15-18 mph 6:00 PM

Tuesday - Time Trial Ride 5:30 PM

Wednesday - Fast Ride 18-21 mph 6:00 PM

Thursday - Women's Ride 6:00 PM

Thursday - Linear Path Cruiser Ride 6:00 PM

Running Weekly Events from KAR in BC

Tuesday - Group run at Riverside Park at 6:00 PM Event Contact - Michael Couey, Michael.couey@kalamazooarearunners.org with updates weekly on "KAR in BC" Facebook page

Sunday  - Group run at Battle Creek YMCA leaving at 7:30 AM Event Contact - Eric Campbell eric.campbell@kalamazooarearunners.org with updates weekly on "KAR in BC" Facebook page