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​​​​Cereal City Athletics

The run from Bridge Park to Bailey Park is 7 miles in length and takes is mostly on the Calhoun County Trailway through wooded areas with a few street crossings and finishing out on the Linear Path. The run leg of the event can also be completed on bike instead.  

Cross the finish any way you can!

Chief's Challenge is a fun, non-timed event with a goal of enjoying the trail and waterways that Battle Creek has to offer. We don't get how you get to the finish, as long as you get there! With the option of a relay team to share the work, or biking the third leg of the event, there are multiple ways you can cross the finish!


The Chief's Challenge bike route begins at Bailey Park and winds through Battle Creek and country roads for 15 miles before reaching Saylor's Landing where you embark on the kayak portion of the event. The bike course is on public roads and riders are expected to follow all laws while riding. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Enjoy a beautiful and serene paddle down the Kalamazoo River beginning at Saylor's Landing and ending at Bridge Park. The paddle is approx. 7 miles long which gives you plenty of time to rest up and catch your breath for the run.