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Cereal City Kids Triathlon and Triathlon Race Series

NEW FOR 2016: Two ways to race!

1.  Cereal City Kids Triathlon 


2.  Cereal City KIDS Triathlon with Race Series 

ABOUT THE SERIES:  Participants may now either (1) just race in the Triathlon as a single event or (2) participate in the a four-part series which includes a separate swim, bike, and run event and ending with the Triathlon. Events can be completed onsite at simple Cereal City Athletics hosted events (the swim is partnered with the Goguac Lake Swim) OR participate virtually if you cannot make it to the group event. Each event leading up to the complete Cereal City KIDS Triathlon will earn kids a unique medal that will from a complete set. The series is designed to help kids prepare for the event and keep them active throughout the summer. Triathlon registration is included in the KIDS Series registration. Separate registration is required for the Goguac Lake Swim.  For more information on specific dates for each event and registration CLICK HERE.

THE TRIATHLON:  We can't forget about our Cereal City KIDS Triathlon itself, either. Taking place at Willard Beach participants will swim, bike and run a shortened sprint course/mini-triathlon to complete the kids triathlon.

This year there will be two courses offered depending on ability. Children may choose their preferred course based on experience and ability, not by age. For more information on course length and registration, CLICK HERE.

Participants in the Cereal City Kids Triathlon will receive a finishers medal.  

Participants in the Cereal City Kids Triathlon Race Series will also receive a four-part, super-cool medal that is neater than any medal given at a sports event EVER on the face of the Earth!..... SERIOUSLY!   Upon completion of each part of the race series, kids will receive a triangle that goes into the 3.5 inch base medal.  The base medal will be given to the kids at the completion of the triathlon in a special Finishers' Presentation so they can put it all together and be recognized for their accomplishment!

The Cereal City Kids Triathlon will consist of:  

  • Option 1 (Shorter): Course 1 will consist of a 50m swim (in shallow water where children will be able to touch down for assurance), a 1 mile ride and a .5 mile run
  • Option 2 (Longer): Course 2 will consist of a 100m swim, a 1.5 mile bike and a 1 mile run

The event will take place mainly within Willard Beach Park in Battle Creek, with the bike portion exiting the park for a short distance. 
The Cereal City Kids triathlon will not be officially timed.

Thank you to our Cereal City Kids Triathlon 2017 Sponsors: