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Cereal City Athletics blog! 

We want to share how to live a healthy, athletic lifestyle as part of everyday life.

While we will write some of the posts for this blog, much of what we will bring to you will be from guest bloggers: people chosen for their insight, experience, and drive.  We are as excited as you to hear from them, to learn from them, and to gain insight from them.  We hope that, through their writing, you get a chance to know each of the guest bloggers as the amazing folks they are….. and you will see why we asked each of them to share.

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Welcome to the Cereal City Athletics blog!  We are excited to be a part of the growing movement of “living the active life” in Battle Creek, Michigan.  
My name is Tim Bandeen.  My wife, Emily, and I along with our friends Charles & Nikki Elder, founded Cereal City Athletics with a mission to help folks get out and participate in athletics as part of everyday life. We will be focusing a lot on athletics in Battle Creek, Michigan, but this blog will have content for you whether you’re in Battle Creek, Chattanooga, or Phoenix.