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​​​​Cereal City Athletics

We appreciate that there are companies who would like to be a part of the excitement and adventure that we are bringing!  Corporate sponsors will have advertising opportunities, discounts on team building, discounted memberships for their employees, among other benefits!  

Below are the ways you can be a part of the "Battle Rock" Climbing Gym Adventure.  Read through them to learn how to be a part of the adventure and feel free to ask us questions.  You can send us messages on our "Contact" page anytime.  We will accept payment by PayPal or by check.  Official contracts for Charter Members, Corporate Sponsors, and Investors are being written by our legal team and will be released soon.  Any money accepted from Charter Members, Corporate Sponsors, and Investors will be held in a separate account until after contracts have been distributed and signed and until after financial plans have been finalized with our lending institution.  In other words, we will not be using any funds given to us by these means until after you have had a chance to review and sign a contract & we know that financial plans are firmly in place so that we can return funds if the project does not proceed.

Please send us a message via our "Contact" page when sending a payment so that we can follow up with you if we have not already discussed your choice.  Investors must discuss options with us prior to sending payments.  Charter Members and Corporate Sponsors can read about the specific opportunities in the linked PDF's below.


Charter Members

If you believe in this project as much as we do and would like to financially back Battle Rock Climbing Gym, then please click here to find our more.  We say "Welcome!", and we would like to have a private conversation with you regarding investment opportunities.

About the "Battle Rock" Climbing Gym Project

How can you be a part of the adventure?

If you would like to be one of the first members of the amazing facility, then sign up to be a Charter Member.  Charter Memberships are prepaid memberships which we are offering at a discounted rate because we are not open yet.  Charter Memberships will become active on opening day of the gym in late 2017 or early 2018.  Both individual and family memberships are available.  

It's time to plug into some serious fun downtown. Battle Rock will be an anchor that turns Downtown Battle Creek into a destination. Battle Rock Climbing will be engaging for people of all ages and all skill & interest levels. From the family with little kids, to the avid climber, to the curious novice, this is going to be the place!

Battle Rock is going to be more than a climbing gym: it will be an adventure gym! Battle Rock will have specific kids areas, a ropes course, a zip line, top rope climbing, lead climbing, bouldering, ninja warrior obstacles, and team building classes/curriculum.

Be a part of the adventure! Now is the time to create the Battle Creek we want. The Battle Rock Climbing project is one project among many that will align, reshape, and strengthen the identity of our community. We will be stronger as a town! Join us! Back these projects!

.....and we'll all have HUGE forearms and broad shoulders from the climbing. No one will want to mess with us! 

Corporate Sponsors

Introducing Battle Rock Climbing Gym

.....coming to Battle Creek, Michigan.  Watch the virtual tour below and start getting excited to be a part of the adventure!
You may have heard that Cereal City Athletics is expanding our scope. We are taking on the property at 50 W. Michigan Avenue to renovate into a state of the art Climbing Gym and Recreation Center!
We need help to keep our momentum going! We are looking for sponsors who believe in Battle Creek and all the possibilities of revitalizing the downtown area.